Naturally Beautiful (feat. Delta Boi)

“When speaking of Jon Piazza you gotta say "Triple Threat"! This guy is the whole package, and anyone who disagrees, hasn't seen what he can do!”-Chali 2na


Jon Piazza, (AKA Jon Swift), is a forward-thinking singer-songwriter-rapper-producer who’s slick R&B laden Hip-Hop style is the product of growing up in the heart of the Bay Area indie Hip-Hop scene, studying jazz performance at the renown Lamont School of music, and immersing himself in the modern sounds of contemporary West Coast rap and R&B. From dance hall rhythms to synth-funk grooves to straight ahead rap beats, his unique sound is the sum of many funky parts.

As a producer, Jon Piazza’s music has been featured on MTV, MTV.COM, and the ADIDAS “Brotherhood” campaign. As a performer, he’s a member of the legendary Los Angeles-based “House of Vibe All-Stars” and has performed and collaborated with such artists as Jon B., Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli, the Flobots, and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians Eric Gunnison and Ron Miles.

Fresh Fitted Music 2012